Go Teacher Go! continues to inspire teachers

NISMED’s radio program, Go Teacher Go! (GTG) aired every Thursday from 4:00 to 5:00 pm over DZUP 1602 AM band, continues to inspire science and mathematics teachers. Public and private school teachers who tuned in and participated in the radio program expressed their desire to continue touching other teacher’s lives by sharing their best practices in the classroom, as the programs’ resource persons.

The opening episode for Season 7 (February-July 2014), “Astronomy for Beginners” coincided with the celebration of the National Astronomy Week (17-21 February) with Mr. Anthony Guiller E. Urbano, of NISMED Earth Science Workgroup, as resource person along with four astronomy enthusiasts from different astronomical organizations within Metro Manila, namely, Kristine Atienza, Ehmir Cristobal, Josuel Racca, and James Ty. They discussed how to bring astronomy lessons to the classroom and emphasized the importance of the teacher’s creativity in teaching the topic, particularly on constellations.

Two episodes, “Modelling-Based Lesson Study in the Classroom” (13 February) and “Modelling-Based Lesson Study: Implementing Teachers’ Experiences” (27 February) focused on the effects of modelling-based Lesson Study on teachers’ perceived self-efficacy and instructional capacity as well as the critical thinking skills of Grade 7 students of Batasan Hills National High School.

L-R: Kae, Levi and Malu
Dr. Levi Elipane, lecturer at the UP Institute of Mathematics (Diliman) and one of the resource persons for the 13 February episode, discussed the importance of Lesson Study on professional development and in student quality learning. Ms. Kae Quilario, resource person for both the February 13 and 27 episodes, shared the process during the conduct of her research study, Modelling-Based Lesson Study, which was patterned after NISMED’s CLRD Project (Lesson Study) with a slight variation.

Robert, Rowena, and Lita inside the DZUP booth
The third episode “Collaborative Lesson Research Development (CLRD): Commonwealth Elementary School in Focus” aired on 20 February and featured the experiences of the implementing teachers, Robert Glen Pulgo and Rowena Albis, of Commonwealth Elementary School. They shared their experiences from the collaborative lesson planning to the first implementation, post-lesson discussion, revision, up to the second implementation of the lesson. Both teachers reinforced the statements shared by previous GTG guests that CLRD promotes professional development among teachers and enables them to develop inquiry-based science lessons. Ms. Sally Gutierez, Science Education Associate of NISMED’s Elementary School Science Workgroup, served as co-resource person for the three episodes.

To date, Go Teacher Go! has had a total of 158 aired episodes (visit http://www.facebook.com/go.teacher.go for a complete listing). Listeners can also access the program via live streaming at http://www.dzup.org.

The academic staff of the Audiovisual Workgroup, Ms. Ma. Lourdes S. Agad (Chair) and Ms. Lolita M. Mondigo take turns in hosting the program.