Project HOTS: Implementation of research lessons

The lesson study team of Grade III elementary science teachers, under Project HOTS (Hands-on Teaching of Science through Inquiry) implemented their research lessons during the first grading period at their respective schools: R.P. Cruz Sr. Elementary School (RPCSES), Tenement Elementary School (TES) and Upper Bicutan Elementary School (UBES). Different lessons on the topic “The Sense Organs” were collaboratively developed and implemented by two teachers from each school, namely: Ms. Mary Joy Efondo and Ms. Chancel C. Galletes (RPCSES) on “The Sense of Smell”, Ms. Clotilde T. Besario and Ms. Regiena P. Marquez (TES) on “The Sense of Hearing” and Ms. Rosalina P. Trinidad and Ms. Corazon Erguiza (UBES) on “The Sense of Touch.” 

Ms. Mary Joy Efondo with her pupils (RPCES) during the lesson implementation.
The implementation is a follow-up phase of the three-day seminar-workshop on the “Development of Inquiry-based Science Activities” conducted by NISMED under DOST-SEI’s Project HOTS held at NISMED on 15-17 May 2013. Each teaching implementation was followed by a post-lesson discussion by the members of the study team (the two implementing teachers, observers, and researchers from NISMED and SEI). The aim however, of the post-lesson discussion and critiquing was to evaluate the quality of the lesson and to further enhance it towards becoming an inquiry-based lesson. All the necessary changes of the lesson based from the suggestions will be incorporated in the next lesson implementation.