NISMED features classroom experiences in Grade 7 webinars, kick-starts Grade 8 series

In the Grade 7 science series, NISMED drew attention to classroom implementation and featured teachers as presenters in the final two sharing webinars held on 25 January and 22 March. The Grade 8 series started on 28 June.

The January webinar centered on the sharing of experiences and learnings in implementing the Third Quarter modules on Energy in Motion. Ms. Vivian B. Intatano of Cayetano Arellano High School in Manila presented her experiences both as a science teacher and as a Grade 7 regional and division trainer. Other webinar attendees also contributed implementation experiences in the guided Open Sharing that followed. The sharing focused on (a) teachers’ use of and feedback on the NISMED-developed modules and teaching
guide, (b) challenges encountered and how they were addressed, (c) description of the current Grade 7 science class in comparison with those in previous years, and student feedback, (d) teachers’ self rating
of the effectiveness of their implementation, and (e) teachers’ key learnings about the philosophy, features and goals of the K to 12 science curriculum. Attendees from Teacher Education Institutions also hinted at their institutions’ K to 12 plans and initiatives.

The March webinar featured the implementation experiences, reflections and insights of Ms. Juana D. Luyun of Cagayan National High School in Tuguegarao City and Ms. Christine May A. Torres of Columban College-Barretto in Olongapo City. Focusing on the Fourth Quarter modules on Earth and Space, both teachers talked about (a) how they facilitated the learning activities and gave feedback on the modules, (b) advantages of the K to 12 curriculum over the previous curriculum, (c) challenges that they and their students encountered and how those were addressed, and (d) key learnings and insights about teaching science derived from teaching one year of the K to 12 science curriculum.

Coinciding with the start of SY 2013-2014, NISMED launched the Grade 8 science series in its June webinar with an overview of the Grade 8 science curriculum and presentation of Unit 1: Force, Motion, and Energy. Dr. Marlene B. Ferido, Chair of the High School Chemistry Group and DepEd’s Consultant in K to 12 Science, presented the overview. Ms. May R. Chavez of the High School Physics Group discussed Module 1: Forces and Motion and Module 2: Work and Energy, while Mr. Rolando M. Tan of the Elementary School Science Group discussed Module 4: Electricity. The remaining modules will be
presented in a special webinar on 18 July.

The recording for each webinar is available for viewing at the following URLs:

25 January Webinar: Sharing of Implementation Experiences (Grade 7 Science Quarter 3)

22 March Webinar: Sharing of Implementation Experiences (Grade 7 Science Quarter 4)

28 June Webinar: Overview of Grade 8 Science and Unit 1: Force, Motion and Energy (Part 1)