Grade 8 Science Curriculum Materials

NISMED has taken a significant role once again in the Enhanced Basic Education Curriculum Program as eleven (11) Science academic staff and other invited science writers were tapped to develop the Teacher’s Guide (TG) and Learner’s Modules (LM) for Grade 8 Science. These LMs were divided into four major domains or strands, namely: “Force, Motion, and Energy,” “Earth and Space,” “Matter,” and “Living Things and Environment.” Concepts and skills in these major topics are spiralled by connecting the prerequisite concepts learned in Grade 7 to related deeper concepts in Grade 8. In this way, students gain a deeper understanding of science concepts and principles. Moreover, just like the Grade 7 LMs, the Grade 8 LMs were developed in such a way that students come to see the connections across the disciplines of Science: Physics, Earth Science, Chemistry, and Life Sciences.

Aside from showing spiral progressions, the LMs are learner-centered and inquiry-based. Activities in each quarter of the Grade 8 Science hone students to ask questions and use evidence to answer them. Students actively construct explanations on a particular science concept. On the other hand, the teacher as the facilitator of these activities is guided on how to carry out these activities through the Teacher’s Guide.

The development team for these Learner’s Modules are: Ms. Cerilina M. Maramag, Ms. May R. Chavez, Mr. Rolando M. Tan, Dr. Letecia B. Catris, and Dr. Marie Paz E. Morales for “Force, Motion and Energy”; Mr. Eligio C. Obille, Ms. Digna Paningbatan, and Ms. Pia C. Campo for “Earth and Space”; Dr. Marlene B. Ferido, Dr. Shirley R. Jusayan, and Ms. Jacqueline Rose M. Gutierrez, for “Matter”; and Dr. Rodolfo S. Treyes, Dr. Maria Helen dH. Catalan, Dr. Ian Kendrich C. Fontanilla, Ms. Ma. Dulcelina O. Sebastian, and Mr. Michael Anthony B. Mantala for the last quarter about “Living Things and Environment.”