NISMED Websites

NISMED has a new website. Check it out at You will find information about NISMED there: its mandate, functions, staff, publications, services, facilities, activities and programs. The sliding panels show the functions of NISMED—to conduct research, develop curriculum materials, train teachers, and perform extension activities along these areas.

Linked to this main site are other sites for specific public services:
  1. AgiMατ stands for Agham, Impormasyon, at Matematika. It contains Science and Mathematics Resources for Teaching ( You will find worksheets, lessons, presentations, videos and podcasts for classroom use and for teacher development in this site.
  2. For lesson study experiences shared with teachers, go to If you want to learn more about lesson study, go to this site and read about the experiences of teachers who are doing lesson study in their schools.
  3. GeoGebra ( is a free software for teaching science and mathematics. You do not have to be connected to the internet to use it. It is easy to learn and works according to the logic of mathematics. Its power is at par with commercial software. NISMED uses it and promotes it among teachers.
  4. KaSaMa Teachers is an online community of science and mathematics educators who strive for excellence through innovation and collaboration. It conducts webinars and discussions and shares resources (