NISMED staff “do” visioning workshop

Prof. Federico M. Macaranas of the Asian Institute of Management and a member of the Board of Trustees of the Foundation for the Promotion of Science and Mathematics Education and Research, Inc. (FPSMER), conducted a 2-day visioning workshop for NISMED staff on 28 June and 4 July 2012. In the course of the workshop, the staff, in groups, reviewed the Institute’s mission, vision, and functions; identified and defined its problems; and conducted external and internal analyses of NISMED’s situation and environment. In these analyses, NISMED’s strengths and weaknesses relative to its functions were pinpointed, and opportunities and threats were identified (SWOT).

On the second day, the staff focused on building a vision of the Institute in the future taking into consideration the Institute’s mandate. They brainstormed on strategies for achieving the vision and what needs to be done to realize the vision.

The reports of the different groups were then reviewed by a committee that crafted a 5-year strategic plan and finalized the actual wordings of the Institute’s mission-vision.