Book on lesson study in press: Planning together, learning together

NISMED held a soft launch of its book on lesson study on the occasion of its 48th anniversary. The book is a documentation of actual experiences of teachers and students in mathematics and science classes as well as learnings arising from these experiences. As a compilation, these chapters highlight the opportunities provided for students to learn mathematics through problem solving and science through inquiry.

A common theme permeates all the chapters—both teachers and students are learning through lesson study.

This collection of chapters is an innovative initiative that lays the groundwork for an implementable model of lesson study in the Philippine setting. It is NISMED’s contribution to the ongoing search for a model of professional development that can be adapted in spite of large classes, dearth of resources, and a host of challenges faced by Filipino teachers.

The chapters offer vicarious experiences of walking in another person’s shoes. These are not prescriptions to approach a teaching-learning situation. Rather, these are narratives to reveal accounts of how students learned and what actually transpired among teachers as they collaboratively plan, implement, revise, implement again and reflect on specific lessons in science and mathematics.

As written, these chapters could be used as a way to put readers and users “in the shoes” of these teachers and students. For the teacher searching for effective alternatives to current practices, these chapters may be your answer or inspiration.