NISMED Staff Publish Article in a Thomson Reuters ISI-Listed Journal

The research paper titled “Using Art-Based Chemistry Activities to Improve Student' Conceptual Understanding in Chemistry” was published in the Journal of Chemical Education Vol. 88: 1610-1615 December, 2011. The paper aimed to determine the effects of art-based chemistry activities (ABCA) on high school students' conceptual understanding in chemistry. The positive effect of the intervention on the conceptual understanding of students in chemistry stemmed from the creation and display of chemistry artwork by the students in the activities. The opportunities for the students to communicate their knowledge of chemistry through their creation of artwork contributed to their conceptual understanding.

The Journal of Chemical Education is the official journal of the Division of Chemical Education of the  American Chemical Society, co-published with the American Chemical Society Publications Division. It is the world's premier chemical education journal listed in the Thomson Reuters Institute for Scientific Information (ISI). It publishes peer-reviewed articles and related information as a resource to those in the field of chemical education and to those institutions that serve them. The journal serves as a means of communication among people across the world who are interested in the teaching and learning of chemistry. This includes instructors of chemistry from middle school through graduate school, professional staff that support these teaching activities, as well as some scientists in commerce, industry, and the government.

The paper was authored by Mr. Dennis L. Danipog and Dr. Marlene B. Ferido - both members of the Chemistry Group.