2 mathematics staff lecture on current trends in teaching

Mariel T. Atregenio of the Elementary School Mathematics and Guillermo P. Bautista, Jr. of the High School Mathematics gave lectures at the 13th Lecture Series of the Mathematics Society of the Philippines: CAR and Regions I and II Chapters in Baguio City on February 19, 2010. The theme of the seminar was “Current Trends in Teaching Mathematics and Education Research Towards National Development.”

Atregenio’s lecture was titled Teaching, Learning, and Assessing Mathematics through Problem Solving. She discussed and exemplified how problem solving could be used as a means to teach and learn new concepts in mathematics and to assess students’ mathematical understanding. She also emphasized the importance of teaching mathematics in an integrated manner such as by making connections between the present topic and concepts previously learned as well as those yet to be taken up.

Bautista talked about Mathematics and Multimedia: The Use of Computer and the Internet in Teaching Mathematics. He discussed several mathematics and multimedia software and gave examples on how to integrate them in classroom teaching. He also discussed Web 2.0 technologies and how these are presently utilized in other countries. He likewise referred participants to educational websites that can be used in mathematics classes.