NISMED Engages Partners Online

So let the blog begin! NISMED shifts its way to engaging the science and mathematics education community through blogs. In an initial effort to leverage the social Web, the Information Science Group formatted the UP NISMED Newsletter as a blog— transforming it into a participatory activity for teachers and other partners here and abroad.

The news blog, albeit quarterly at the moment, will allow teachers to exchange updates related to recently-completed events and activities. By posting comments to news stories, they can engage in further knowledge sharing and continue to collaborate on initiatives long after they have returned to their respective schools and institutions.

The blog is a type of website where entries are displayed in reverse-chronological order and has facility that allows readers to leave comments and replies — enabling multiple-way conversations and interactions to develop. This straightforward interface provided by blogs is hoped to make online engagement less challenging to teachers new to the technology. The news story can also be shared by forwarding a link through email. The blog site also usually comes with a social feature allowing readers to see who else is reading the blog, which adds to the community feel and makes subsequent interactions as easy as a mouse click.

NISMED’s newsletter can now be accessed at To view a news story, simply click on its link on the left sidebar. To leave a comment, click on the Post a Comment link at the end of each story, complete and submit the comment form. To forward it to a colleague by email, click the email post icon. To join as subscriber and receive notices when new issues are posted, click on the Followers link and sign up.