UP NISMED Provides Training Support to Intel® Teach SFS Training for USAID-GEM Schools

UP NISMED, through its Information Science Group, provided training support and monitored the conduct of the Intel® Teach Skills for Success (SFS) Training for USAIDGEM-supported schools in Mindanao on May 5-8, 2009 at the College of Education of Mindanao State University-Iligan Institute of Technology (MSU-IIT) in Iligan City. The training was organized by Intel® Teach Philippines and USAID-GEM with the training team composed of selected Intel® Teach Faculty and National Trainers from MSU-IIT and the Division of Iligan City.

UP NISMED, represented by Monalisa T. Sasing of the Information Science Group, provided timely assistance during training preparation sessions. A total of four Intel® Teach Program trainers benefitted from this training support mechanism as they gained new strategies in delivering UP NISMED Provides Training Support to Intel® Teach SFS Training for USAID-GEM Schools sessions on essential 21st century skills, the student-centered approach, higher-order thinking skills, and facilitation skills which were four of the main contents of the SFS training. This training support mechanism also trained program trainers to be more reflective on their role as trainers through the immediate feedback given during daily debriefing sessions.

Intel® Teach Philippines, commissioned UP NISMED in 2008 to provide training support and monitoring Intel® Teach trainings to ensure quality conduct of the training and to validate compliance with the program’s requirements on entry qualifications of participants as well as the technical specifications of training facilities. It also aimed to gather participants’ feedback on the training and the performance of program trainers. The said training is the eighth training site monitored by UP NISMED since April 2008.