Program for Pakistani Scholars in Residence

A three-month program on managing teacher education with particular focus on curriculum design and improvement of teacher education programs in a gender sensitive way started April 13, 2009 and will end on July 3, 2009. The main objective of the training is to enhance the capacity of three (3) faculty members of the University of Education (UE) in Pakistan on strategies and approaches of managing teacher education programs with particular focus on curriculum design, improvement, and evaluation in a learner-centered and gender-sensitive way. The program is also aimed at strengthening their skills in the use of the backward curriculum design model including student assessment for learning, quality assurance in teacher education, and use of web technologies in teacher education.
In particular, the program has the following objectives: enhance capacity of three faculty members of the University of Education, who are also members of the Board of Studies of UE, in curriculum decision making, curriculum design, process and procedures in curriculum improvement and curriculum leadership in a gender sensitive manner; strengthen participants’ capabilities to (a) design, monitor and evaluate implementation of the curriculum in the university, (b) implement an inquiry-oriented curricula that employ appropriate pedagogy, learning technologies, and assessment, and (c) develop strategies for possible change mechanisms in all aspects and levels of the educational process that could eventually influence knowledge, beliefs, values and attitudes of teachers; and increase participants’ confidence level to introduce curriculum reforms taking into consideration various factors such as culture and context, variations across sites, nature of teaching and learning, and classroom environment.
The three scholars in residence are Mr. Khalid Saleem, Lecturer, Okara Campus; Ms. Zarghuna Naseem, Assistant Professor, Bank Road Campus; and, Dr. Asad Gulzar, Associate Professor, Township Campus. Learning from this program will help the participants in ensuring the transformation of their university’s teacher education curricular programs.